Coping with Widowhood over the Holidays

Dear  Friends, It is again the holiday season.  And it is so fucked.  End of post. I jest. I think the holidays look terrible to us sometimes because they don’t look how they’re supposed to look. But we’re the ones

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The G-Word: Attempting Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about gratitude lately.  Almost involuntarily.  I’ve been wondering, is gratitude a prerequisite to living well? I just came back from a short vacation to Lake Tahoe.  And as I got closer to home, that sinking feeling seeped

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From Married to Mutant

I finally realized we don’t recover from loss, we mutate. We can’t go forward but stay the same person, returning to a happy version of who we were. So we change, a change borne of necessity, not desire, but a way

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Relationship Blues

I don’t know what an adult relationship is supposed to look like.   I married my high school prom date.   Maybe we never changed, or if  we did, we changed in ways that worked together, as I moved through college,

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Shame by Skinny Jeans

  My skinny widow pants no longer fit. My stomach muffins over the top. These are the pants I bought after George died.  I was down about 15 pounds, I was going to start venturing out again and my old clothes

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Let’s Rant (Socializing as a Widow)

Dear Blog, This is again one of those times when you and I are not hitting it off.  I don’t seem to have that much to say if I’m not getting published somewhere else. So, let’s rant:  Stuff I Hate

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Anxiety and Widowhood

  Since George died, I’m much more anxious than I used to be. I’ve probably always had an anxiety disorder which, in the past, I’ve called “being anal retentive.” When I was married, George took care of everything. And I

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Kissed in the Louvre (flash non-fiction)

  I was getting lost in the Louvre when I found a different sort of artwork. Gorgeous, French, leather jacket, sideburns, a Jean Paul Belmondo type or “type,” as they say there. He put my hand on his white t-shirt.

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I’m Clingy in Woman’s Day

  I’m in Woman’s Day talking about being needy in my relationship. My article is written from the perspective of a widow, but I think these feelings arise when we’re adrift in a new romantic situation, be it from death

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I Get Sexy in Elle Decor

Last October, there was a hot, nearly naked, 30-year-old app developer in my bathroom, but I really wanted him to leave. I’d met him online on OK Cupid, and he’d suggested a rendezvous. After a preliminary meet up, I picked

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New Year on the Huffington Post

    Dear Blog Friends, I have a new Huffington Post article.  I’m not on my main computer,  it took me this long to try posting from my IPad. So, here’s my article.  New Year’s Eve Without my Husband Once again, I

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