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What happens when we lose our spouse after decades of being together? What is caregiver guilt and how do you recover from that? Why would someone decide to go from being a lawyer to becoming a creative writer?

Debbie Weiss is a writer, a former lawyer, and a widow. Her mother passed away when she was 42 and then her husband passed away in his 40s. Debbie and her husband were together for 32 years – they had been high school sweethearts. He was a huge part of her life and he wanted to protect her from his cancer diagnosis. Sadly, his choices meant Debbie became his caretaker while not really understanding the progression of his disease.

Debbie has written a book to help others who have experienced a devastating loss. Her book, Available As Is, is a midlife widow’s search for love. In this episode, she talks with Michael about loss, finding a new passion in life, and letting go of the things that were holding her back.

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