In a heart-to-heart chat, our host Marianne Bailey and her guest, the ever-inspiring Debbie Weiss, author of “Available As Is: A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love” take us on a journey through the world of dating after 50, all from a woman’s viewpoint. They open up about the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that come with stepping back into the dating game, especially after a significant loss. For Debbie, this new chapter began after the devastating loss of her dear George to cancer.

They go on to share that grief isn’t always tied to the loss of a loved one through death. Sometimes, it’s the end of a relationship, like a divorce, that can leave a deep emotional scar. The aftermath of such life-changing events can be just as heart-wrenching, and the thought of dating again can seem like a mountain to climb.

Navigating the maze of dating apps is another topic they delve into. They laugh about the challenges of trying to decode the true meaning behind people’s words on these platforms. The world of online dating can often feel like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces, making the quest for a compatible partner all the more adventurous.

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