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Walking through Grief with Debbie Weiss

Join Joyce & Debbie Weiss, author of “Available As Is: A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love,” for a casual conversation you can walk to. Debbie and Joyce dive deep into the importance of connection and the difficulty of making friends as an adult. They also discuss what worked for Debbie in reinvesting in herself to create a life of love and connection after the loss of her husband.

Debbie Weiss: A Crash Course in Dating Over 50

video: Spotify   |   Audio only:  Apple podcasts  •  Google podcasts Debbie Weiss is the author of “Available As Is: A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love”. It’s her true story of losing her beloved husband at 50 to cancer and her struggle to find love again. It’s a very inspiring tale of finding oneself while plodding through a number of unfulfilling relationships with men that are struggling with their own demons. #dating #widow #DatingOver50 #DebbieWeiss #AvailableAsIs overfiftystartingover.com

Dating Lessons from a Midlife Widow

Article on nextavenue.org Once she discovered who she really was, and stayed firm in those convictions, it was easier to find love By Debbie Weiss January 20, 2023 Personal Perspectives In June of 2014 at 3:30 a.m., I decided to join J-Date, the self-proclaimed largest Jewish dating community worldwide, but it might have been the insomnia. George, my husband of 32 years, had died fourteen months ago and I wanted someone to have dinner with, to

Grief Diaries Stories: Running Away to Home

Story by Debbie Weiss Running Away to Home – Part 1 The preceding is an excerpt from Available As Is: A Midlife Widow’s Search for Love published by She Writes Press. Copyright 2022. Used with permission. In the summer of 1973, I was nine. My world was suffused with color, the sunlight intensely yellow, the sky immeasurably blue, the pool turquoise, and the lawn a deep green. But my mom, Thalia, statuesque and curvy with auburn hair and

A Widow Writes Her Dating Profile

A Widow Writes Her Dating Profile Article on Residence 11 Marital Status: Widowed It’s 4 a.m. and I’m putting together my profile for JDate, the self-proclaimed “largest Jewish dating community worldwide.” My husband, George, died fourteen months ago. George was my high-school sweetheart, the strong man I curled up next to each night for thirty-two years. Now that George is gone, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’ve lost the me that I was when

Women in the Middle with Suzy Rosenstein

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about A Midlife Widow & Her Search to Find Herself Again with Debbie Weiss What it’s like to be a midlife widow and find yourself again after 50. Why it can be jarring to be alone after you marry your high school sweetheart who dies just before you turn 50. What it’s like to be an introvert but notice you’re lonely and know you need to do something about it.

Filled with Gold

Episode 40 - Filled with Gold Hosted by Melissa Pierce The Filled With Gold Widow Podcast is created by a widow for widows. Twice a month, you'll hear stories of hope, grit, and healing. From navigating finances to self-care to dating again to family dynamics, we offer hope and encouragement in rebuilding a life to thrive in. You can move through hard things with a little help. You are not alone - we're here for you.

Widow 180: The Podcast with Jen Zwink

From Isolation To Inspiring Author! - Interview With Debbie Weiss Widow 180 The Podcast with Jen Zwinck Debbie lost her husband George after a 4 year battle with cancer. Debbie found herself isolated and lonely and trying to create a new life that made her feel confident and proud of the person she was becoming. In today's episode, Debbie and I chat about: ~ how she tackled the first few months after losing George

My Spouse Died Too

Available As Is - A Midlife Widow's Search For Love https://www.myspousediedtoo.com. Since Debbie's high school prom, George is her man. For over 30 years, Debbie and George dine together almost every night—then curl up in bed to wake up each morning beside each other. After meeting a mission-critical deadline, George, a silicon valley workaholic engineer, finally seeks medical attention for a strange lesion on his chest. Results? A rare cancer diagnosis. But George keeps

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