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Hi, I’m Debbie, a writer, former lawyer and current unemployed slacker who started writing after I lost my husband in 2013. I write about widowhood, dating at midlife, and the decrease in the quality of middle-aged men.

I want to offer hope that life gets better after a devastating loss. It just takes waaaay longer than you think it will, and may not look the way you expected. I talk about it in my book, which I hope you’ll check out. Thanks for visiting!

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When I lost my husband George–my one and only since my high school prom–to cancer, I had to start building a new life at age fifty, but didn’t know how. George was my life. Eventually, I wanted to find love again, but soon discovered the absurdity that is dating at midlife.

When I was widowed, I wanted a book about a woman like me, long married, who realized she’d disappeared into her marriage, and who needed, at fifty, to learn to be alone for the first time. I wanted a full-hearted, darkly funny, unvarnished account of becoming your true self at middle age.

Available As Is is for women like me, who were long-married, but now have to learn how to be alone for the first time. If you’re looking for a full-hearted, darkly funny, unvarnished account of becoming your true self at middle age, then this is the book for you.

Available As Is is that book.

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2023 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Bronze

Medalist in Non-Fiction – Grief/Hardship

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