Available As Is – A Midlife Widow’s Search For Love


Since Debbie’s high school prom, George is her man.

For over 30 years, Debbie and George dine together almost every night—then curl up in bed to wake up each morning beside each other.

After meeting a mission-critical deadline, George, a silicon valley workaholic engineer, finally seeks medical attention for a strange lesion on his chest.


A rare cancer diagnosis.

But George keeps Debbie in the dark. George never truly divulges his condition, progress, or lack thereof. George even legally forbids his medical teams from disclosing information to Debbie!

Why did George do this? Was he protecting Debbie? His elderly parents? Something else?

George passes. Debbie’s world stops. She’s barely fifty years old. What now?

Where to start?

Deb’s unvarnished dark-humored once-upon-a-time story reveals her loss of identity, disabling grief, shame, naiveté, discovery, perseverance, forgiveness, grace, and hope.

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