I got to be in “xo Jane” magazine today.  I haven’t really been published before.   So, thank you so much to people who liked my story and commented.  Thank you if you like my FB page for my blog, or tweet about it or subscribe to my blog (pretty, pretty, prettiest please).

And thank you for letting me talk about George.

And thank you to the lovely people who recognized my stunning Celine handbag.  Which George got for me for my 49th birthday.  Because he just really “got” fashion.

So, I am a Luddite.  Any ideas you have for promoting the xoJane article, please tell me.  I suck at this stuff. (Aside from soppily tweeting to my idol Anne Lamott).  And paying FB $70 “to do something.”

And please leave me comments if you want to.  All I get on this site is fucking spam!!!!!!!




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