My Dream Date
My Dream Date

I couldn’t sleep so I joined J-Date. It’s an on-dating service like Except for Jews.  In fact it’s the self-proclaimed “premier dating site for Jewish singles.”   Which is probably enough to scare most people off.  My understanding of dating sites is that most people want something more immediate than “premier.”

I was on J-Date for a while and I chatted with a few guys.  Most of them mention their shrinks at some point early on in the conversation. It appears the shrink will be the primary decision maker in any potential relationship.  This is scary.  I refuse to provide home-made backed goods so that some one’s shrink will rule in my favor.

The last guy I dated reeled off a litany of complaints then justified his tirade with, “my shrink does not want me to feel resentful.”   I did not see him again.  I’m guessing his shrink did.  Many, many times.




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